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In this post, I want to explain what I’m going to share, so you know what to expect from it.

What will I write about?

It’s difficult for me to explain all the topics and ideas that I want to share so to give you a wider vision of the focus for this blog I’ve divided all the content into 4 main areas.

Personal opinions

As it’s my blog and not someone else’s, I will share my opinion about any topic that interests me. I want this opinionated content to be more like a debate, and I’ll be open to read any counter-arguments and try to understand different perspectives. We can use Telegram for these discussions.

Solutions that I’ve implemented in my life

We can all agree that we spend most of our time dealing with unexpected problems that arise in life. For example, family issues, love issues, or even conflicts within yourself.

It’s true that each one of us gives each problem a specific solution based on our personal experiences. Because of that, it’s hard to find a solution that fits into all problems.

With that in mind, I wanted to share some personal problems that I faced in the past and explain how I was able to solve them. From that, you can develop your own solutions or take inspiration from them.

Life advise

First, I’m no man of wisdom and no enlightened monk who knows all the answers to all of your existing questions. Putting that aside, I will say that throughout my short life I’ve been lucky enough to meet brilliant people. Some of them gave me good advice that I think is worth sharing because it may be useful for you as well.

Book recommendations

Like most teenagers, I’ve never been interested in books. In the last 2 years that has changed because of a book that I found which hook me into reading. Since then, I’ve read a lot of books and some of them were (and are) really useful on a day-to-day basis.

My mission now is to advocate for the idea that reading books isn’t as bad as you think and that you can find a lot of interesting ideas and stories in books. For that purpose, I’ll recommend books that I think will interest people and bring some value to their life.

Post frequency

Writing a post is harder than I thought. Takes a lot of time to find an interesting topic to talk about, the right way to approach it, and to find the most adequate expressions.

That being said I don’t want to promise that I will be frequent as I want this blog to be a hobby and I want it to have quality content no matter how many hours or days I have to put on it.

Thanks for reading.

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