My story (part II)

In the first part of this story, I explained why our protagonist decided to move to Berlin, searching for new experiences. Now the adventure continues there, in a new city with a new job and lots of things to discover.

The first couple of months in Berlin were great, I was excited to explore the city, meet new people and enjoy my new job. Sadly, this excitement didn’t last forever, after some months, I started to feel lonely as all my friends and family were in Spain and I miss them. Even though I felt lonely, I had some time to think about how things were going after the big change.

I was surprised to find that I wasn’t completely happy with the change, and I wasn’t comfortable with it. The discomfort wasn’t only about Berlin, I had a voice in my head telling me that I was going through life too fast. Without noticing, I’d spent almost 4 years working as a developer. What started as a way to become a better developer turned more serious, and trapped me into a 9-5 routine that didn’t feel like the life of a 21-year-old boy.

After thinking thoroughly, I decided to break out of the routine and take a sabbatical year. I have no crazy plans, I realized that I need to live life at its pace and don’t stress that much about the future. In the next month I’ll be going back to Madrid, spend time with family and friends and work on some side-projects. Although the sabbatical year might sound crazy to some, I think it is the only way I can heal the relationship with my job and more importantly myself.

I want my story to encourage people who are feeling the same to take action about it. Your health goes first, don’t let your job burn you out, if you don’t feel happy take some time off, reconnect with yourself and come back when you’re ready.

To be continued…

PS: Thanks to all the people Airsiders for the support I received and the things I’ve learned from them. Furthermore, thanks for understanding the reasons behind my sabbatical and encouraging me to enjoy my youth.

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