Recovering before summer habits

This summer was so crazy, I party a lot and I went out almost 4 days a week. Sure, those moments were fun and I don’t regret anything about them. The problem comes once the summer it’s over, and it’s time to go back to the normal routine of working and studying. Although this change may sound trivial it isn’t, let me explain.

Personally, I divide my life in two periods, the “social” period which happens in summer (June to August) and the “improvement” period. The difference between them is that while in the “improvement” period my main focus is to get closer to my personal goals and ambitions, in the “social” period there’s no specific goal, it’s a period for living new adventures.

Both periods are important for having a balanced life of working on my goals and living new experiences that inspire me to continue working towards my dreams. Getting stuck into one period is bad as I start to lose balance and life could get chaotic.

This particular year, I was struggling with this transition, so I tried to come up with a plan that would make this transition easier for future years.

Routines and habits are hard to maintain and to establish in the first place, we all know how hard it is to build the habit of going to the gym or any habit in general. The key when trying to recover “before summer” habits and routines is to recover one at a time, this way you’ll have more time to dedicate to each one.

Recovering past habits it’s hard when you’re maintaining the habits from the “social” period. Things like neglecting your workouts, going out 5 times a week or drinking alcohol on weekdays are clear examples of that.

For getting rid of those habits I came up with the idea of doing a 3-weeks detox period. Now, you may ask yourself, what do you mean by “detox period”?

Well, it’s like a self-established punishment in which I’m going to limit all the activities that are making me difficult to transition into “improvement mode”.

By doing that I can replace “social” habits for “improvement” habits like reading or going to the gym. Although this may sound very easy in reality it’s hard to have the necessary willpower to limit “social” habits.

Now that this “detox period” has almost finished I can say that my old habits are back, and I have the required time for writing this short article about my experience.

Thanks for reading, and I hope that you’ll find this text useful for recovering the order in your life.

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