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In this post, I’m answering the question “Why did I open this blog?”. Even if it seems to be a very meaningless question it isn’t, let me explain the importance behind it before I answer.

The importance of asking why

In the past, I’ve opened 2 blogs and both of them fail because after some time I stopped writing posts and as a result of that I ended up closing them. Now, looking back in time I can see that they didn’t fail because I stopped writing posts, them failed because I didn’t have a strong reason to keep writing consistently.

Having a reason behind the things that you do makes all the difference. I learned this because not a long time ago I read in a book that in order to give meaning to the things that you do and to clarify your aim you must have a “why” and this “why” should be as clear and brief as possible. I recommend writing it down as it makes it easy for you to go back to the reasons behind what you’re doing and think if your current work is aligned with the aim that you wrote. Also, it could help you find motivation by remembering why you started doing it in the first place and why you must keep doing it, or perhaps it’s time to stop doing it because you aren’t aligned anymore with your aim.

That being said I’ll explain the “why” behind this blog.

Why did I open this blog?

I’m going to explain each reason individually as they may seem generic, and I want to be as clear as possible.

Improve my writing skills

I identify my writing and communication skills as a weak point in my personality. That’s a problem because I think that the ability to communicate what’s inside your mind to the outside world it’s an essential ability, and we must practice it frequently because otherwise, you cannot show the world how great your ideas are or express accurately your opinion about any topic.

Once identified this weak point I decided that a blog will help with the purpose of communicating effectively and accurately what’s inside my mind. Also, my English isn’t that great right now so writing in English can be helpful for improving my English skills as well.

Communicate my ideas and hopefully help somebody

One of the questions that came into my mind when I started thinking about opening a blog is why I must share the things that I write? The answer is that maybe the things that I write can be helpful to someone else.

Let me explain, in one of my previous blogs I wrote a post with the conclusions of the 30 days without Instagram challenge that I did. Because of this post, some of my friends have done the experiment too and told me that they found it helpful to stop using Instagram.

That’s why sharing is so important, by writing this simple post I was able to help some of my friends even if it was just to make them realize that they spend a lot of time using social media.

Also, it forces me to write only about meaningful things, things that I think may be helpful to someone. Because after all, my main goal with this blog is to provide help by sharing the result of my own experiences and things that I’ve learned through my short life.

Ideas are welcomed

After explaining the main reasons behind the opening of this blog I think it’s time to start writing more content.

Before I end this post I wanted to mention that if you have some idea that you think may be helpful to someone else, and you want me to write about it, just tell me about the idea, and I’ll see what I can do.

Thanks for reading.

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